HOR Technologies


Client: HOR Technologies
Date: September 2017
Role: Product Designer

_01 Synopsis

HOR Technologies is currently focused in building an iOS app template for the alcohol retail industry – partnering with local liquor stores to provide on-demand delivery and pickup services.

They approached me to design the overall user experience and interface app template that would be licensed to these alcohol companies. Please be advised that the project can only include so much for portfolio presentation purposes.

_02 Challenges

a. Standing Out

After preparing a competitive analysis worksheet, I found that many apps were missing the following app functions:

• Turn-by-turn delivery updates

• In-app texting with driver

• Samsung or Android Pay

Question: Should we consider these features? Why would our competitors not have these features? Constraints?

Delivery services are becoming more competitive and it is important that we meet or exceed customer’s expectations. Assumption: by providing turn-by-turn delivery updates and in-app texting, similarly used by the popular Uber app, we will be perceived as current and or more updated then most while meeting or exceeding customer expectations. Samsung and Android Pay has been increasingly popular and will also be added as a payment choice to decrease check-out time.

After the competitive analysis, stakeholder and user interviews, our team prioritized features (the must-haves) and are continuing to research the value of opportunities.

b. Incorporating Identities

Branding is essential to a product’s success and so I’ve provided a branding guideline for each company to follow/customize. As with many branding guidelines, this will includes:

  • Logo
  • Typography
  • Colors (fonts, buttons, maps)
  • UI Icons
  • Marketing images

In addition, companies will also be able to purchase tailored add-on marketing features, such as:

  • Rewards program
  • Sales and promotions

_03 Contraints

Currently, our biggest constraint is communication. The development team in based in a country on the other side of the world (+14 hr time difference) so it has been difficult to collaborate and review the work that is being done for accuracy and completeness. InVision and Keynote has helped tremendously as they’ve made interactions are more clear and transparent for the developer.

_04 Next Steps

  • Generating reports for managers and analysts
  • Add combo items on product item pages for up-sales
  • Translating mobile web app to desktop web app