Ikigai’s products and branding focus heavily on quality and authenticity.

Small touches such as Japanese text, copy for how the noodles are made, and images were used to accomplish the look and feel. Ikigai utilizes cafeteria-style dining and an open kitchen to emphasize speed, efficiency, showmanship, and quality.
A one page, parallax look was decided to give users the ability to scroll to see all of the information without clicking – this parallels with their idea of delivering food, or in this case, information, quickly.

Ikigai Udon

Ikigai Udon is a fast-casual restaurant serving authentic Japanese noodles, salads, tempura, musubi, and rice bowls with an American twist.

Client: Ikigai (ick-kee-guy) Udon
Date: February 1, 2017
Role: Web Designer and Front-end Developer